Early Pix of Capri Macaw
~ Liberty ~

Capri Macaw, Liberty

13 month old Capri Macaw, "Liberty" on 8/03/04.

8 month old hybrid Capri Macaw
Beautiful 8 month old Capri Macaw, "Liberty" on 4/01/04.
Liberty is fully flighted & comes on command. Here he is ready to fly to mommy.
Just look at this happy bird!

Liberty taken on 11/16/03 inside with a flash at night.
He walks, he talks, & now he can fly!

Hybrid baby Capri Macaw, Liberty
Capri Macaw, "Liberty," 3 mo & 1 wk old on 10/10/03.

Capri Macaw, Liberty, on 9/19/03
Capri Macaw, "Liberty," 11 weeks old on 9/19/03

Yellow dominant Capri Macaw
Baby Capri Macaw, "Liberty," 9 weeks & 1 day old on 9/6/03

7 week old Capri Macaw, Liberty
Baby Capri Macaw, Liberty, 7 weeks old on 8/22/03

44 day old Capri macaw, Liberty

44 day old Capri macaw, Liberty
& wonderful Crayola colors feathering in
including yellow-orange, red-orange, lime & gold
Totally Adorable!
44 day old Capri macaw, Liberty

37 day old baby, Liberty
Feathering in Brilliant Technicolor
Baby Liberty photo taken on 8/10/03 at 37 days old

Baby Capri Macaw
Baby Capri Macaw, Liberty on 8/5/03. What a little Doll!
Liberty is curious & learning to walk.
What's Mommy doing with that camera, taking pictures of silly little me again? I think I will spin slowly around and walk to her.
Baby Yellow dominant Capri Macaw, Liberty

3 week old Baby Capri Macaw
Just opened his little eyes for the first time on 7/25/03 at 3 weeks of age.

3 week old hybrid Baby Capri Macaw
Baby Liberty taken on 7/26/03.

2 week old baby hybrid Capri Macaw
Born July 4th 2003, parent hatched & raised the first 2 weeks,
Here is baby Liberty on 7/19/03, the sweetest little baby macaw in the world

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